Oleg Kolosov

Software Engineer

Łódź, Poland
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A versatile and goal-oriented professional with extensive knowledge of software defect analysis, maintenance and support. Led multiple teams and seen through projects from prototype to production during more than 15 years of industry experience covering automotive, financial and medical domains.


C++, C, some Rust, Lua, Bash; focusing on embedded Linux



Leading a team developing a firmware for multiple thermal imaging, measurement and diagnostic products for a major US manufacturer.

Development and maintenance of Self Update / Remote Update functions of Head Unit firmware for Daimler (NTG7) and Porsche (OTA-FC). Extending GENIVI Automotive Message Broker with vendor-specific messages, CommonAPI interfaces and automated testing capabilities for PSA (Peugeot Citroën) in IVI 2020 project. Refactoring of legacy code, introducing modern C++ coding practices.

Created a fault-tolerant IPC solution based on ZeroMQ and Cap'n Proto for HARMAN Spark project.

Designed and implemented a CAN bus scripting tool with a domain-specific language for automated defect reproduction.

Art System Technologies (ООО "Арт Систем")

Software Engineer

Development of an embedded Linux firmware and a hardware-accelerated multimedia stack for karaoke set top boxes on Sigma Designs (MIPS) and HiSilicon (ARM) platforms. Linux kernel driver development (UART, I2C, SPI). Hardware bring-up and vendor BSPs integration.

Created and open sourced tools to ease establishment and maintenance of a continuous integration infrastructure: Jagen, Spawn.

Auriga, Inc. (ООО "Аурига")

Software Engineer

Development of a firmware for a medical patient monitoring device (MCU) from Mindray using C# and C++ on Windows Embedded platform.

Implemented a mobile news reader application for Intel using Sencha Touch framework for iOS and Android platforms.



Southern Federal University

M.Sc. Computer Engineering

Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering

B.Sc. Computer Engineering